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Maintenance of wife in Pakistan: In Pakistan wife has to be maintained financially by the husband and it is the legal right of the wife in Pakistan and duty of husband in Pakistan to maintain the wives or wife. We deal in cases regarding maintenance of wife on behalf of wife and husband both

Maintenance of children in Pakistan: It is a legal duty of father to bear the expenses of child which includes necessary food, shelter, clothing and education and if a child or children are not maintained by the father the minor can sue the father through guardian or next friend for the child maintenance in Pakistan

Recovery of dowry articles in Pakistan: Meaning of dowry articles is those articles which are given by the bride or her some one on her behalf to the groom before or after marriage. Wife can sue the husband for the recovery of dowry articles in Pakistan

Recovery of Dower amount: Meaning of dower amount is that amount which is fixed by the groom at the time of marriage. Dower amount in Pakistan can be shariah haq mehar in Pakistan or any other amount fixed by the groom. There are two types of haq mehar in Islam or two types of dower amount in Islam which is deferred or prompt ( Muajjal and Ghair muajjal ) . Wife can sue the husband or in some cases the parents of the husband for the recovery of dower amount in Pakistan

Recovery of Abducted children in Pakistan: Where a child is abducted in Pakistan or where a child is kidnapped from Pakistan or a child is taken away from the lawful guardianship in Pakistan or from natural guardianship in Pakistan a case of habeas corpus can be filled for the recovery of minor child in Pakistan. Literal meaning of kidnapping is napping a kid which means taking away a child illegally which is also an offence. We are the best lawyers in cases of kidnap and we also provide legal services in cases of international addiction of children or international kidnapping of children within or outside Pakistan.


Custody of children in Pakistan: Our Family case lawyers in Lahore Pakistan are expert in child custody laws in Pakistan. Custody law in Pakistan safeguards the rights of both husband and wife. Custody of child in Pakistan is a sensitive matter and cases of child custody in Pakistan should be dealt with due care and intelligence. Saleem & Sarim Law Firm is best law firm in Lahore which can get you full custody of child or Legal custody of child in Pakistan. Both husband and wife reserve the child custody rights in Pakistan. In Pakistan visitation right of father or mother can also be given by the guardian courts in Pakistan.

Guardianship certificate in Pakistan: Guardian certificate in Pakistan is required when there is a need of appointing a guardian of the child. Guardian of child in Pakistan may be for guardian of person of children or guardian of property of children. Our family case lawyers in Lahore Pakistan can get you guardian certificate from guardian court on urgent basis.

Adoption of child in Pakistan: If you are looking for a legal way of child adoption in Pakistan we can provide you legal services regarding adoption in Pakistan and you can adopt child in Lahore or Adopt child in Pakistan through the legal way and process.

Legitimacy of child: If an issue arises regarding the legitimacy of child in Pakistan we can provide you the solution

Legal opinion: If you are an individual or a body corporate and if you need a legal opinion in Lahore r legal opinion in Pakistan then we are the best place for you where you can get free legal opinion in Lahore or Free legal opinion in Pakistan

Legal Adviser in Pakistan: If you are in need of hiring a legal adviser in Lahore or Legal Adviser in Pakistan you can contact us and have our services

Translation of documents in Pakistan: If you need translation of documents in Lahore or Translation of documents in Pakistan we can translate the documents in English and Arabic for you

Succession certificate in Pakistan: Succession certificate in Pakistan is required when the deceased leaves any movable properties which are to be distributed. In the simple words succession certificate is called legal heir certificate. Our experts can provide you succession certificate in Lahore as per succession act in Pakistan and clients can get this certificate of succession on urgent basis.